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Jerry Kennedy

Jerry Kennedy


Jerry Kennedy is a selling professional and former sales manager with an extensive background in the petroleum industry. He has taken this experience and combined it with the latest research in sales, business and personal development to create powerful sales training programs with an emphasis on motivation and personal improvement. Jerry works with small to mid-sized businesses to help them augment their sales efforts through a combination of training, coaching and “surrogate sales management”, a concept he created to assist business owners who cannot afford to hire a full-time sales manager.

Jerry is the author of “Selling Points”, a bi-monthly column that appears in TLT Magazine, published by STLE. You can read all of Jerry’s published articles online.

Jerry is also the co-host of the Sales Management 2.0 podcast, a weekly podcast series for sales managers, selling professionals and small business owners, online at the Sales Management 2.0 website or on iTunes.

Jerry recently released his first audio program, entitled “Motivation 101: Five Steps to Activate Your Potential in Any Economy”, which is available at Jerry’s website or on Amazon.

Visit Jerry’s website  Inside Out Business Solutions or email him at jkennedy@inside-out-solutions.com


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  1. […] I got earlier this week. Motivation 101: Five Steps to Activate Your Potential In Any Economy, Jerry Kennedy, is a great and more importantly COMPLETE program. Jerry gives you the why and the what, but […]

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